Resources for Homeowners

Homeowners; protecting your investment  in your home is always top of mind.  Many things can go wrong with a home and living in Sussex County can offer its own set of challenges.  To help you prepare, this list of resources has been assembled so that you are aware and able to take steps to prevent or minimize potential damage. 

Seniors; there are many resources available for you and your family. Please find a link below from the Assisted Living Research Institute (, an industry-leading research organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of older adults by compiling comprehensive research, the latest studies, and real-world insight from experts, caregivers, and seniors into easy-to-understand actionable guides and resources. 

If you find a resource that is not listed here, please send the link to "[email protected]" and we will be sure to post it.

  • Storm Preparedness - New to Delmarva?  We live in an area that can experience extreme weather events and it is good to be prepared ahead of time.  This online book provides detailed information about the types of events and things you can do to prepare yourself, your family and your home in advance for our unique area and then what to do afterwards.

  • Flood Factorenables you to determine the liklihood that your property will flood over the next 30 years.  Just enter your address;

  • Septic Systems 101 -A septic system can consist of several components: a septic tank, a distribution box, a dosing chamber and a drainfield. Proper maintenance will ensure that a system functions the way it was designed to work and will prolong the lifecycle of the system.