About Lochwood

Lochwood is a private, deed-restricted Lewes community in the Indian River Hundred of Sussex County.  The community is located approximately 5 miles west of Route 1 on Dorman Road just off of DE state route 24 known in our area as John J. Williams Highway.
Burton Pond is one of 2 privately-owned ponds in DE and therefore not 'maintained' by the state. The weir [dam] at 24 was built in 1939 and consists of wooden gates; the road is built over a concrete culvert.
The annual common interest assessment (HOA fee) is $230 per Lochwood lot owned, and is billed in December with a due date of 12/31 of the year indicated by the date billed.
Currently a new construction fee of $375 is charged for a lot under development. This fee is due and payable when plans are submitted for approval.  Upon completion and inspection of new construction, the amount of $175 may be refunded. (Eff. January 2017)  
Per the Declaration Architectural Committee approval and the County Building Permit see Architectural Project Info ; both are required for new structures and additions including houses, decks, sheds, fences, and certain pool types before any construction/installation is initiated.
Open Burning Is Prohibited May 1st to September 30th! To report open burning violations, call the 24-hour citizen complaint line at (800) 662-8802. Cell phone users can call #DNR toll-free.  Before burning, please check for current status on Burning Restrictions in the area. 

Trash and yard waste disposal are a resident's responsibility.  DSWA provides drop-off options at Collection Stations throughout the county.  Individuals can contract for at-home pick up through private disposal services.
The 911 System in Sussex County was enhanced in 2001; Lochwood was approved to continue to use original addressing rather than an assigned 5-digit address. If you wish to verify that the landline phone number is correct for your 911 address, please contact Sussex County DE’s Mapping and Addressing Department at (302) 855-1176.
Habitual and regular parking in the roadside easements is not allowed; this destroys the easements and affects drainage in the community.  If you are not the occupant at your property, please make sure the current occupants are aware of this.
Since mailboxes are typically placed in the easement, it is important that the mailbox be placed according to the specifications set by the US Postal Service's Mailbox Guidelines; proper placement is important so as not to destroy the easements thereby causing problems with drainage.  During the winter be aware that it is an owner's responsibility to shovel the area around their mailbox. The US Postal service will not deliver if the delivery vehicle is unable to get to the mailbox.  

While rental properties are allowed, these are restricted per the Second Amendment to the Declaration of Restrictions, Covenants and Conditions
Per the Declaration Sections 2 (a) and (g) commercial businesses are not allowed in Lochwood.

Per the Declaration Section 2 (k) commercial vehicles are restricted from habitual and regular parking in the community except for contractor vehicles hired for maintenance or upgrades at a property.
Per the Declaration Section 2 (m) requires that dogs be leashed at all times when not on the owner’s property. Also, cats that are allowed outside should be tethered to avoid roaming off property and disturbing the private property of others.  State Dog Laws also apply in our subdivision and require that the dog be under the control of the owner at all times. Be sure to clean up after your pet.  

For a full set of the LPOA governing documents, please visit our "Corporate Documents" page.