Property Tax Reassessment

Sussex County Property Tax Reassessment Project

Currently, Sussex County property owners pay taxes based on 50 percent of a property's 1974 appraised value. County property tax is 10 percent of the annual bill, while 90 percent is school taxes. On average, single-family home owners pay $118 a year in county property taxes; manufactured home owners pay an average of $46 a year.

** Lochwood's reassessment was completed in April/May 2022. **

Data collected includes a property's location, age, condition, improvements and information on the surrounding neighborhood. Five comparable properties will be used to determine a new market value for a property.  A mailing will be sent to every home with the new assessed value in October 2023.  It's at that stage that property owners can schedule an informal meeting with staff if they have questions about their reassessment.

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