About Us

Lochwood is a lovely wooded and safe community sitting on 109 acres of land bordering Burton Pond in Sussex County Delaware.  We enjoy living in a diverse and welcoming community.  Our homes vary in size, style and shape; they are as different as our residents.  We are a cozy and friendly community.  We value kindness and respect for all. 

Our Proximity to the Beautiful Beaches of Lewes and Rehoboth

While Burton Pond is in our backyard, and the New Guinea Creek on the Rehoboth Bay is just east of us, we are located in a convenient and private plat of land just west of John J. Williams Highway in Lewes, DE.  Located just 5 miles from Coastal Highway, we enjoy easy access to both Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach. Shopping is readily available in nearby Long Neck, Lewes and Rehoboth. 

We are a Volunteer Managed Deed Restricted Community

Since 1978, our volunteers have been our greatest asset.  Our Board of Directors are all volunteers and give freely of their time, energy and skills to ensure that Lochwood remains a safe and beautiful place to live.  Please be patient with us if we are a little slow responding to inquiries, concerns and emails.  Thank you.

Most Recent Updates:

The Lochwood Sewer Project
is now underway.  For the latest information, please visit the Sewer Project web page on this site located under News and Events: https://www.lochwoodpoa.com/p/Sewer-System-Updates  

Wilgus Associates Inc. has been contracted as Property Manager beginning Jan 1, 2024.

A Pollinator Garden
has been planted in Lochwood with all "native to Delaware plants and trees".  It is located right behind the gazebo and alongside our dry pond on Blackwood Drive. 

Why a "pollinator garden"?   We are at a critical point where we are losing so many native plant and animal species that the ecosystem services we rely upon (oxygen, clean water, flood control, plant pollination, pest control, etc.) will become seriously compromised.  However, if many people make small changes, we can restore healthy ecological networks and weather the challenges ahead.  Our National Parks, no matter how grand in scale are too small and separated from one another to adequately preserve the native trees, plants, insects and animals that our ecosystems depend upon to survive and thrive.  University of Delaware Entomologist, Doug Tallamy has created a national network of "Homegrown National Parks" where regular people can create a habitat that is friendly to native insect, birds, butterflies and plants in their community or backyard.  The idea is that if enough people join the effort, we can stem the loss of biodiversity in our environment.  Our little pollinator garden is registered nationally and will do its part in providing a friendly environment for bees, insects, butterflies, birds and small animals. 

The garden was started in mid-May 2022 and will be an ongoing work in progress.  Once our plants are established, we will not need to fertilize or water nearly as much because these plants are adapted to our environment. 

Information about the garden and how to start your own habitat in your backyard is located in the Yellow Info Box at the gazebo.

Our community was able to do this through a grant from First State Resource Conservation & Development Council and a grant from DNREC's Nonpoint Solution Program.

A community gazebo, park benches and our very own Little Free Library #97378
are located on Blackwood Drive and available for the enjoyment of our residents. Stop by and pick up a good book while you are out for a walk and if you like, leave a good book for others to enjoy.

New Architectural documents - In order to better meet the needs of our community and evolving environmental concerns, a new set of architectural guidelines has been passed by the Board and is now posted on this site under Association Documents/Architectural Project Requirements/Architectural Guidelines & Policy.  The new Architectural application reflects the new requirements and is available online on this site.  Account required.

       "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."
                                                                       Henry Ford