Resale Package Request Form

This request form is for anyone selling a home in Lochwood, or their Real Estate agent.  Buyers will need to know certain things about your property such as the amount of annual dues or how the Lochwood Property Owners Association is governed.  The Lochwood POA has the first right of refusal to purchase your property or waive the right in writing, which is a requirement for settlement.  By requesting this "Resale Package" you will have that information ready for potential buyers all in one place. 

This is a two step process;
  1. Please complete the form below with as much information as possible.  Fields marked with an * are required.  Be sure to hit "SUBMIT".
  2. The cost for the package is $100 and payable via credit/debit card or bank account when you submit your form, or by check payable to Lochwood Property Owners Association, PO Box 212, Nassau, DE  19969. 
Please allow 14 business days for this process to complete.  Please note a processing fee will be applied for online payments.  Paying online is easy, however you must have an account!  Just submit your completed form and then visit the ONLINE PAYMENT page.  

If you are a realtor for a seller or buyer of a Lochwood property, please request an account here.  You will then be able to request a Resale Package and submit payment online.

If you are a new homeowner in Lochwood and did not receive this information, please use the same form to submit your information so that we can update our records and provide you with the LPOA governing documents.  Also, be sure to request a homeowner account on this website, which will enable access to all sorts of community information.

Please submit questions to [email protected]  We wish you well in your new home!