Sewer System Updates

June 18, 2021

The project has now officially been funded by USDA and approved by the County Council on 6/15/21.  See 'Lochwood Packet Item' below.  Once the County has access to the funds they will select an engineering consultant. Design will start in earnest in the fall. 

Questions about the project can be directed to;

Office of County Engineer
Hans Medlarz, P.E.

Connection to the new system will be mandatory.  Please review the presentation available on this page for specific information including estimated costs (as of 2019).  We will get much more detailed info this fall when the design is completed and are able to meet with the County.

** Please note the following correction in the Lochwood Packet to page 1 "Memorandum" paragraph 2: "In April of 2022 the Engineering Department" should read "In April of 2021 the Engineering Department...".

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